Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet Michael Moore's Twin Sister, Beth Kertulla

Twins, separated at birth, Michael Moore, you fill in the blank; and Sis, Beth Kertulla (D) Rep from Alaska. Beth gets the credit for claiming Sarah Palin faked an accent, just in time for the National Election. But if you listen to Palin's previous interviews, ya know, she has the same fake accent. Hmmm. Beth, you are right, phony! Do you think it runs in the family? I mean, look at her big bro, isn't he a self-described flake? Well, Beth Kertulla is calling her bro to complain that Palin did not draw her name out of the hat to fill in the vacant senate seat. You remember, Sen. Kim Elton, another Democrat, held that seat, but was promoted by the Obama admin for the superb Palin-bashin job he did. Then Kertulla and company, naively thinking they can back Palin into a corner and get Kertulla the coveted prize. Sarah went cudah on them and picked, Grussendorf...Well, Kertulla and company threw a fit, but it backed fire. The other "sane" Dems were getting tired of the drama; so now Beth and peeps are mellowing out a bit; but not Michael, he rants forever. At this juncture, the Democrats in Alaska are more at risk to themselves than Mt. Redoubt having an ash made of herself. Oh, who is the better looking twin, Michael or Beth? Just wondering...
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  1. Ok, The Michael Moore guy's Picture is scaring me :) and that woman is almost as bad. I can't choose a better looking between this crew, there both cut from the same cloth - Liberal Kooks. I hear the Grussendorf nomination is still up in the air and Sarah has told them to bring the process out in the public. Is there such a thing as choosing a "good" democrat?

  2. Cudaforever, you are very perceptive...and what a brilliant question, "Is there such a thing as choosing a "good" democrat?

    Normally, we say, 'lesser of the two evil' but lately, it's all about, who is more evil...It makes tought to define what good is in demo-crat.

  3. Oh,one last thing, Sarah's comment about bringing it out to the public...That's our girl...smoke 'em out...they like to whine behind the curtain and blog anonymously...Sarah is calling them out...