Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Sarah Palin Disaster

Governor Sarah Palin seems to be in a perpetual catch 22; nothing she does will ever please her detractors and their political alliance. Alaska is perhaps the hottest state right now, in terms of political heat. Palin is in the fight for her political life; the lies, smears, attacks, and drive by media reporting is growing ever fierce. Here's the latest, the Daily Beast reports: Palin's New Disaster, the latest installment of scandal to knock her off the presidential road of hopefuls,come 2012.

Here's the issue as reported by the Daily Beast:


His nomination was thrown into grave peril when his opponents presented evidence that he called homosexuals “degenerates,” leveled invective against an African-American student offended by a statue of a Klansman, vowed to undermine the sovereignty of Native American tribes, and allegedly defended men who rape their wives. According to two sources close to the confirmation hearings, Palin may ask Ross to withdraw before his appointment comes to a vote.

This time, the attack singles out her pick for attorney general, Wayne Anthony Ross. Mr. Ross is allegedly accused of advocating spousal rape by the Palin opposition and have new evidence (amazing how they surface just in time) claiming he stated: "If a guy can't rape his wife, who is he gonna rape?"

Interestingly enough, the new allegations and evidence all come from one source, Leah Burton, a veteran lobbyist on children’s issues and domestic violence advocate. In other words, a political activist who opposes Governor Palin. But wait, Burton claims there is other witnesses that can back her up but are too intimidated.

Here's another claim by Burton to develop a pattern of behavior and pin down Wayne Anthony Ross as a male chauvinistic sexist pig:

"...during a debate on the Equal Rights Amendment, “If a woman would keep her mouth shut, there wouldn’t be an issue with domestic violence.” Burton also maintained she has been in touch with “a number” of domestic-violence victims who witnessed Ross make “horrible” statements, but are too intimidated to speak out. “Alaska is a very small state and it’s terrifying for these victims to come forward because they’re afraid of retribution.”

Is Linda Beigel, Dan Fagan, and Jeanne Devon, to name a few of the Palin Take Down Team,afraid of another ambush by Fox News? You can't make this stuff up, they are the most politically devisive group of activists on the scene to take down their target -- Palin.

It never ceases to amaze me that the Sarah Palin take down effort can always sink to newer depths of slime and vitriol. Do they really expect fairminded Americans to believe their "October Surprise" nothing more than grasping at straws to undermine an appointment they disagree with. Why? What's the big threat by having an attorney general who leans ideologically with Palin? Their perception that WAR's appointment will be a gain for Palin. "Can't have that, it's bad for Alaska," they scream!

To them, the idea that Governor Palin would dare to appoint someone that may inevitably prove favorable to her administration is more than they can bare. The wolves are howling and they won't stop until caribou barbie is torn to pieces; political blood sport in the last frontier. for more on the latest.


  1. The losers up there in Alaska are just pathetic. Sarah is a true Iron Lady for being able to put up with all of that BS.

  2. Yet, through out it all, Palin remains remarkably upbeat. The problem the ankle biting fleas face is that she is a giant physically, spiritually, and mentally, compared to them. After 24/7 carpet bombing of her for the past 8 months, she is still standing tall. All these attacks do is put on display the angry, pathetic, unhappy, little people who are opposed to this great lady. In the end, Palin will emerge stronger than ever, like fine tempered steel.