Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sarah Palin Review

Exciting time for Sarah Palin, she has really cemented herself as a powerful force for good, and a leading voice for the culure of life. Her steady media coverage is spot on, not too excessive, just enough to keep her name on the national stage. That is a very savvy and powerful strategy. With the Johston family drama ebbing away, hopefully for good, Palin's media focus is actually substantiative. First, she issued a statement supporting Miss California,Carrie Prejean. Noting,she knows all too well how it feels to be a Liberal target. Then her book deal made a big splash when it was announced, it certainly stirred a lot of buzz, friends and foe all had their analysis and commentary. Palin did not shy away from the Notre-Obama constrversy, she drove it home with a powerful anecdote that was e-mail to journalist, Holly Robichaud. In Robichaud's column, Palin shared her Irish grandfather's Catholic faith, and it's implications on the ongoing debate.

Most importantly though, Palin's full attention is on Alaska. With the recent ice/flooding in areas like Eagle, Palin personally visited and surveyed the damage. She is committed fully to the people of Alaska by being there in person to guide as their leader and support as one of them.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Updates: Sarah Palin on a roll

There's so many great things happening with Sarah right now! Rush Limbaugh is consistently defending her and touting her as the true voice of the conservative party. Dittos! Adrienne wrote about it; and I covered it Here and Here. Most of my blogging hours are spent at SarahNET along with some great conservatives bringing the latest issues that matters most to us.

Gilia's blog covers a multitude of hard hitting issues; and she breaks it down like no other...If you want to know everything without having to read ten different websites, check out her regular Hump Day Report.

Adrienne's Soul Food is exactly what it is. Her articles are a must read... Sarah Palin is Not a Racist is one of my favorites!
Adrienne means business too...her website is not only about Truth, it is her quest in life; and she lives it!

This is one of my personal favorites and I how you get a chance to read it Why She is one of us.

I say things are looking good for Palin 2012! An Army of Sarahs growing day by day!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Sarah Palin Disaster

Governor Sarah Palin seems to be in a perpetual catch 22; nothing she does will ever please her detractors and their political alliance. Alaska is perhaps the hottest state right now, in terms of political heat. Palin is in the fight for her political life; the lies, smears, attacks, and drive by media reporting is growing ever fierce. Here's the latest, the Daily Beast reports: Palin's New Disaster, the latest installment of scandal to knock her off the presidential road of hopefuls,come 2012.

Here's the issue as reported by the Daily Beast:


His nomination was thrown into grave peril when his opponents presented evidence that he called homosexuals “degenerates,” leveled invective against an African-American student offended by a statue of a Klansman, vowed to undermine the sovereignty of Native American tribes, and allegedly defended men who rape their wives. According to two sources close to the confirmation hearings, Palin may ask Ross to withdraw before his appointment comes to a vote.

This time, the attack singles out her pick for attorney general, Wayne Anthony Ross. Mr. Ross is allegedly accused of advocating spousal rape by the Palin opposition and have new evidence (amazing how they surface just in time) claiming he stated: "If a guy can't rape his wife, who is he gonna rape?"

Interestingly enough, the new allegations and evidence all come from one source, Leah Burton, a veteran lobbyist on children’s issues and domestic violence advocate. In other words, a political activist who opposes Governor Palin. But wait, Burton claims there is other witnesses that can back her up but are too intimidated.

Here's another claim by Burton to develop a pattern of behavior and pin down Wayne Anthony Ross as a male chauvinistic sexist pig:

"...during a debate on the Equal Rights Amendment, “If a woman would keep her mouth shut, there wouldn’t be an issue with domestic violence.” Burton also maintained she has been in touch with “a number” of domestic-violence victims who witnessed Ross make “horrible” statements, but are too intimidated to speak out. “Alaska is a very small state and it’s terrifying for these victims to come forward because they’re afraid of retribution.”

Is Linda Beigel, Dan Fagan, and Jeanne Devon, to name a few of the Palin Take Down Team,afraid of another ambush by Fox News? You can't make this stuff up, they are the most politically devisive group of activists on the scene to take down their target -- Palin.

It never ceases to amaze me that the Sarah Palin take down effort can always sink to newer depths of slime and vitriol. Do they really expect fairminded Americans to believe their "October Surprise" nothing more than grasping at straws to undermine an appointment they disagree with. Why? What's the big threat by having an attorney general who leans ideologically with Palin? Their perception that WAR's appointment will be a gain for Palin. "Can't have that, it's bad for Alaska," they scream!

To them, the idea that Governor Palin would dare to appoint someone that may inevitably prove favorable to her administration is more than they can bare. The wolves are howling and they won't stop until caribou barbie is torn to pieces; political blood sport in the last frontier.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama: Arrogance, dismissive, and even derisive

Highlights from Obama's speech in Turkey...excerpts from the London Telegraph:

Mr Obama offer of an olive branch to the Muslim world continues his effort to distance the new White House from the Bush years. In France he spoke of American "arrogance" and a "dismissive, even derisive" attitude towards Europe.

"Let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject."

Before the speech, Mr Obama stood next to Abdullah Gul, Turkey's president, and stated that in the US:
"We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values."


In regards to Obama's last statement, what are the ideals and set of values that bind us? Are they Judeo-Christian values or Muslim?

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Palins in the Crossfire

So get this, Politico peeved at Palin for not succumbing to their good wishes wrote this (emphasis mine with the bold underlined words):

My colleagues Andy Barr and Jonathan Martin wrote recently that Sarah Palin's allies were expressing frustration at her staff for steering her toward tabloid engagement while skimping on substance.

Hard to find a better example than
yesterday, in which she declined comment on Iowa's marriage ruling, but found time for this one:

"We're disappointed that Levi and his family, in a quest for fame, attention and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship," [[Palin family spokeswoman] Meghan Stapleton tells Usmagazine.com in a statement Friday.

"Bristol's focus will remain on raising Tripp, completing her education, and advocating abstinence," Stapleton continues. "It is unfortunate that Levi finds it more appealing to exploit his previous relationship with Bristol than to contribute to the well being of the child."

ALSO: Colleagues note that the younger Palin has, in fact, been public in her skepticism of abstinence.

It must be Sarah Palin hunting season in Alaska and the lower 48, all her detractors are loaded up and aiming straight at the target, Governor Palin. The above article is one such example of the crossfire. Politico offered their contribution with snarkiness and biase galore; you'd think it was a post from an anti-Palin hater on the Huffington Post comment section. Palin found time to issue a statement on her daughter's behalf because it's her priority and responsibility to response. That's what a Momma Grizzly does, defend her young! It's a shame Politco found time for this hit piece.

First, snarky comment number one, "...her staff steering her toward tabloid engagement while skimping on substance." Politico thinks that Sarah Palin responding to an attack on her family is engaging in tabloid, but not worrying about repeating her unwavering position on marriage between a man and a woman is skimping on substance?

Now, Politico thinks that Palin's priority should be to address their request for a statement on the Iowar ruling and push aside defending her daughter's and family's good name. What type of journalistic attitude is this? If you don't answer our request than we will critcize you and take cheap shots. How old are these people?

In case you haven't heard, Palin's above statement is in reference to Levi Johnston, her daughter, Bristol Palin's ex-fiance, will appear today on the Tyra Banks show to discuss his private life for the nation to gobble up. In a clip used to promote the sleazy tabloid style show, Tyra kept pushing Levi for some dirt on whether or not they practiced safe sex and if Governor Palin condoned it or not. Of course Levi, caught up in the lights, camera, and action quest for easy money and fame, made an assumption about the governor "knowing" that he and Bristol were having sex under her roof. When Tyra Banks asked for clarification, Levi said that "moms are pretty smart" and they know. It's unfortunate that this young man chose this path to earn a paycheck and sell-out his son's mother in the process. This is a no-win situation for Levi.

Then Politico took a shot at Bristol, distorting her position on abstinence. Here they imply ambivalence on Bristol's part by asserting "...younger Palin has, in fact, been public in her skepticism of abstinence." I don't know what they are smoking at Politico but any reasonable objective and sane human being can listen to the Greta interview and know without a doubt that the young Palin, Bristol, repeated over and over again this phrase: "It's best to wait; I wish I had waited; It's not glamerous at all; wait, wait, wait." As a matter of fact, the young Palin was very skeptical of teens engaging in sex before they are ready, hence, the reason why she empahsized, "WAIT" and her regret for not doing so. Which part of wait are you not getting, Politico?

Sure the young Palin admitted that abstinence among her peers was unrealistic, she was being honest about societal norms and attitude; but her honesty in no way shape or form equates dismissing abstinence as an ideal to strive for; she said it was difficult, not impossible. Getting straight A's for some kids may seem impossible, but it's something to still strive for. Politico's conclusion is the equivalent of saying most teens break the speed limit or underage drinking laws and therefore those laws are unrealistic.

It goes to show that teens know a right and wrong, they choose to do what most teens do, test the waters and often times, push the envelope. We've all been there and done that. And quite often, hindsight is always 20/20. But folks who have an agenda and jumping on the Take Palin Down Wagon cannot wait, their skepticism gets the best of them and they simply do not want to give Sarah Palin and her family an honest, benefit of the doubt! It's hunting season and the dogs are loose.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet Michael Moore's Twin Sister, Beth Kertulla

Twins, separated at birth, Michael Moore, you fill in the blank; and Sis, Beth Kertulla (D) Rep from Alaska. Beth gets the credit for claiming Sarah Palin faked an accent, just in time for the National Election. But if you listen to Palin's previous interviews, ya know, she has the same fake accent. Hmmm. Beth, you are right, phony! Do you think it runs in the family? I mean, look at her big bro, isn't he a self-described flake? Well, Beth Kertulla is calling her bro to complain that Palin did not draw her name out of the hat to fill in the vacant senate seat. You remember, Sen. Kim Elton, another Democrat, held that seat, but was promoted by the Obama admin for the superb Palin-bashin job he did. Then Kertulla and company, naively thinking they can back Palin into a corner and get Kertulla the coveted prize. Sarah went cudah on them and picked, Grussendorf...Well, Kertulla and company threw a fit, but it backed fire. The other "sane" Dems were getting tired of the drama; so now Beth and peeps are mellowing out a bit; but not Michael, he rants forever. At this juncture, the Democrats in Alaska are more at risk to themselves than Mt. Redoubt having an ash made of herself. Oh, who is the better looking twin, Michael or Beth? Just wondering...
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Throws A Dirty Dish at Obama..

Andrew Sullivan Throws A Dirty Dish At Obama:

Folks this is serious stuff, Sullivan, an avowed Palin Hater has now turned the Dish...You get inside scoop before the final draft goes viral. Sullivan gives Obama more than a tongue lashing, finger wagging, Oh, no you don't...sermon on the state of dirty Chicago-styled politics. About time folks come to their senses, here we go...Btw--don't make a gay man take his earrings off.

Some readers think my continuing attempt to expose all the lies and flim-flam and bizarre behavior of Sarah Palin Obama is now moot. She's He is history - they argue. Move on. I think she he probably is history. Even Bill Kristol David Axelrod and his minions in the McCain-Palin campaign Soros Underground may not be able to resuscitate her his political viability now. But even if she he is history, she he is history that matters. {Don't forget, first black President} emphasis mine.

Let's be real in a way the national media seems incapable of: this person should never have been placed on a national ticket in a mature immature democracy. She He was incapable of running around town in Alaska Chicago competently.

The impulsive, unvetted selection of a total unknown, with no knowledge of or interest in the wider world, as a replacement president remains one of the most disturbing events in modern American history.

{here here}. That the press felt required to maintain a facade of normalcy for two months - and not to declare the whole thing a farce from start to finish - is a sign of their total loss of nerve. That the Palin Obama absurdity should follow the two-term presidency of another individual utterly out of his depth in national government is particularly troubling. 46 percent of Americans voted for the possibility of this blank slate as president because she he somehow echoed their own sense of religious religulous or cultural "identity". Until we figure out how this happened, we will not be able to prevent it from happening again. And we have to find a way to prevent this from recurring.

It happened because John McCain Bill Ayeres is an incompetent and a cynic and reckless beyond measure. To have picked someone he'd only met once before, without any serious vetting procedure, revealed McCain Obama as an utterly unserious character, a man whose devotion to the shallowest form of political gamesmanship trumped concern for his country's or his party's interest. We need a full accounting of the vetting process: who was responsible for this act of political malpractice? How could a veep pres not be vetted in any serious way? Why was she he not asked to withdraw as soon as the facts of her his massive ignorance and delusional psyche were revealed?

The Palin Obama nightmare also happened because a tiny faction of political professionals has far too much sway in the GOP Democratic and conservative progressive-socialist circles. This was Bill Kristol's Axelrod's achievement.

It was a final product of the now-exhausted strategy of fomenting fundamentalist secular-socialist progressivsim resentment to elect politicians dedicated to the defense of Israel Palestine (Hamas) and the extension cutting down of American military hegemony in every corner of the globe. Palin Obama was the reductio ad absurdum of this mindset: a mannequin candidate, easily controlled ideologically, deployed to fool and corral the resentful and the frightened, removed from serious scrutiny and sold on propaganda networks like a food product.

This deluded and delusional woman still doesn't understand what happened to her him; still has no self-awareness; and has never been forced to accept her his obvious limitations. She cannot keep even the most trivial story straight; she repeats untruths with a ferocity and calm that is reserved only to the clinically unhinged; she has the educational level of a high school drop-out; and regards ignorance as some kind of achievement. It is excruciating to watch her him- but more excruciating to watch those who feel obliged to defend her him.

Her candidacy His Presidency, in short, was indefensible. It remains indefensible. Until the mainstream media NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the GOP Washington D.C. Elite establishment, and the conservative Democratic-Liberal-Progressive-elite intelligentsia acknowledge the depth of their error, this blog will keep demanding basic accountability.

My point is not to persecute or hound some random person. I wish I had never heard of Sarah Palin Barrack Hussein Obama II, jr. I wish this nightmare had never happened. I wish totally innocent by-standers, like Bristol Palin Michelle and Malia Levi Johnston and Sasha Heather Bruce and pet Trig Palin, had not had their lives disrupted by this circus. It's distressing to everyone, which is why most journalists left many aspects of this charade alone. But Palin Obama is claiming vindication, is on every cable show, is at the National Governors Association Conference Tonight Show with Leno, and is touted as a future leader of the GOP World. There comes a point at which you have to simply call a time out and insist that this farce cease and some basic accountability and transparency be restored to the process. Since no one else seems willing to do so, the Dish will stay on the case. So where are those medical birth records anyway?