Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Updates: Sarah Palin on a roll

There's so many great things happening with Sarah right now! Rush Limbaugh is consistently defending her and touting her as the true voice of the conservative party. Dittos! Adrienne wrote about it; and I covered it Here and Here. Most of my blogging hours are spent at SarahNET along with some great conservatives bringing the latest issues that matters most to us.

Gilia's blog covers a multitude of hard hitting issues; and she breaks it down like no other...If you want to know everything without having to read ten different websites, check out her regular Hump Day Report.

Adrienne's Soul Food is exactly what it is. Her articles are a must read... Sarah Palin is Not a Racist is one of my favorites!
Adrienne means business too...her website is not only about Truth, it is her quest in life; and she lives it!

This is one of my personal favorites and I how you get a chance to read it Why She is one of us.

I say things are looking good for Palin 2012! An Army of Sarahs growing day by day!

Check out SarahNet, download our free toolbar and get the latest scoop!

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