Monday, March 9, 2009

According to Chris Buckley: You Maybe a Know Nothing Religious Extremist.

I Still Vote Obama
by Christopher Buckley

What is it about confused Republicans, who love to twist the Sarah Palin attack knife? Did Sarah sign up to be the "elite" pinata and I missed the memo?

Well, here it is, while sharpening his knife blade, Buckley wrote "Our choice, last fall, was between an angry 73 year old with a legislative record far from consistently conservative, who nominated as his running mate a know-nothing religious extremist."

There's one thing I absolutely detest, the attacking of an individual without factual basis or just cause. The above comment is so disgraceful and so out of touch with reality that no one in their right mind finds it credible. Though I have a sneaky suspicion that the "Buckley" types join hand in this unending praise of Sarah Palin mocking; and insulting the common folks who value their faith and religious experience.

Which brings me to ask, how many out there are now--according to Buckley's definition "know-nothing religous extremist?" I am willing to bet that millions of us, the silent majority of Americans, fall into this category.

Buckley, shame on you for your crass and disrespectful comment to Governor Sarah Palin, labeling her as a "know-nothing religious extremist." Why such disdain toward a public servant of this country? One that has not ladened the back of this country with debt; and has done an outstanding job for her state. Love or hate her, give credit where it's due, that's common decency!

What is it about Sarah Palin that your type is allergic to; her values, faith or pedigree? Did she ever try to shove religion down your throat? Know this: You are insulting millions of "know-nothing religious extremist," myself included! We will continue to hold bitterly to our religion.

What is it that you hold to, if not God, what?

You, sir, are intellectually bankrupt and dishonest! To continue to hold false hope for Obama's audacity to destroy our economic principle and twist the Sarah Palin attack knife speaks the actions of a self-loathing coward! But then again, likes seek likes, touche!

It's a shame that all your Ivy League education made you Stupid!

Folks, let's stand with Sarah on this. She is one of us!


  1. Unfortunately, Buckley, Brooks, Noonan, Parker, and a host of others have essentially sold their souls to the devil. In Parker's case, she sold it for a ride on AF 1. I'm sure the others would settle for that or even less. As far as I'm concerned, I'm glad Palin isn't one of them, and that she is one of us. They can say what they want, but whenever Palin decides to run, I'll be there to vote for her.

  2. You got that right, Greg! Their snobbish attitude toward those who seek their purpose and meaning in religious faith is quite unfortunate.

    They are like the kids in the school-yard. If you don't look and sound like us, you can't play with us!

  3. Ana, Sign me up as a "religious extremist" if this means I share the values Sarah shares. It is these "elitist" Ivy leaguers (like Christopher Buckley- A Yale man) who have sold us down the river and what did the American people just elect another "elitist" from Harvard who shares the same disdain for religion that Mr. Buckley does, in my eyes. And these are the "smart" guys ??? I'm with you and will continue clinging to the only true salvation - My faith in God !! Thanks Ana for your continuing defense of America's Governor- Sarah Palin !!

  4. Greg and William,

    Thank you for your comments, here's hoping that our side will unite forces and focus our energy and creativity into transforming our ailing democracy instead of the distraction and self-promoting gimmickery!

    I certainly plan to stand with Sarah all the way! No time for fair weather supporters. It's either we are in or get out of the way!

    Thanks, guys! Proud to fight together!!