Thursday, March 5, 2009

Principle is Right!

Here's an example of why principle matters and how it effects the political landscape, more so now than ever. A quick angle snapshot of what is transpiring right now is helpful in framing the issue of principle versus propaganda.

We heard the pitch for "hope" and "change" during the Obama campaign. Right now, many of us are hoping and wishing that something changes! Are you noticing that things are getting worse not better? Is this change in the right direction? "Too early to tell," I am hearing. What was that? Let's give the Obama administration more time, another chance! Okay -- it's not like we really have a choice but go along. For the sake of the discussion, we are fair-minded and objectively bi-partisan, self-actualized Americans.

Though, I secretly feel this is political hostage with no where to run, no where to turn, because "Big Brother" holds the cards and playing their hand exactly as they wish! And that they are doing. No checks and balances in place, the majority party, the Democrats, can do whatever they like: Elections have consequences, and we are paying for it! Not to mention we do want hope and change, but is this what we bargained for?

Further, do we continue to believe that our economy will suddenly and miraculously heal itself when more pork and earmarks are injected into the system? Who benefits from that and what wealth does that create for the working class?

Do we continue to hold out that taking wealth from one social class and re-distributing it to another will somehow create jobs and resurrect our free falling-downward spiraling economy? If so, how?

How do we create jobs and wealth with the same amount of "cash-flow" just lining different pockets?

Do we really believe that the same government that cannot control it's parasitic growth, uncontrolled-spending, and addiction to pork is going to create and usher in a new era of entrepeneurship and ingenuity? And, whats up with Obama calling for an ethical summit after signing the spend-a-thon bill? Are you beginning to see a trend here?

Without the right principles in place to guide decisions that impact policy, we are spinning our wheels and hoping against hope! When we continue to elect politicians instead of public servants, we get what we vote for!

Until the American people realize that the conservative principle grounded in truth and moral soundness is the remedy against "Big Government," we will continue to dig ourselves into an abyss of hopelessness and aimless change. Big government breeds big spending ... Big government is addicted to power, bureacracy, and control to keep us under control; all that I just mentioned is inherent in big government, it is a necessary evil. It simply comes with the territory.

In contrast, we have another option, a different philosophy in leadership and principle! Governor Sarah Palin, a breath of fresh air, has a record of calling out her own party's corruption, challenging the status quo, and shaking up the ol' boys network.

Why is Governor Sarah Palin different? How do we know she's not just another politician? My short answer today is: She is one of us!

I will talk more about the rest soon!

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