Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SarahPAC: Game On

Sarah Palin on the move....

With all the demand from the Dems and MSM for the real "GOP Leader" to emerge and lead the Republican Party out of exile, I wonder why they are not more concerned with their own game-plan to keep us out of financial ruin. In case it has not been noticed, the White House foundation is cracking and the roof is leaking.

The great irony in their scathing criticism of the GOP is this: faced with their own leadership dilemma and failed policies, how do they pointificate to the opposition without tripping over their own failing "Hope and Change" rhetoric?

I don't know about you, but I have my doubts as to who is really running the Democratic Party; and even worse, our country. Is it Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or the notorious shadow, George Soros? Just a few names tossed around the political mire of leadership crisis.

Aside from the politics as usual, I see someone emerging to shape her own path and contribute to the success of her party. As a consequence of clear thinking, it translates into doing the right thing simply, cause it's the right thing to do.

Yeah, I maybe reasonably biased, but Governor Sarah Palin gives me plenty of solid reasons why. Announcing today through SarahPAC her potential plans to travel throughout the country is another winning example of how to lead without tooting your own horn. In others words, leadership in action.

For the doubting Thomases rolling your eyes, the line of thinking that "She's just positioning herself for 2012, looking for an opportunity" is not that unreasonable.

My response to that is ... AND?

We all know everyone travels and promote causes and people they believe in, it's part of the game, nothing new there. Kudos for Sarah Palin, stepping out in the right direction.

What I praise and admire in Sarah's decision is, the choices and strategies employed. It shows a well-balanced vision, creativity, and focused goals. This is what I see in a leader, not waiting for the polls to determine your every move, not waiting for the experts to weigh in, and most importantly, listening to your instincts -- motivated by guiding principles that works for the people. I always suspected that Sarah Palin is really one of us.

Sarah, you go Girl, we are right there with ya!


  1. Excellent commentary. Personally, I think Soros and Axelrod are the real leaders of the democratic party, 0bama merely being their puppet. Sarah Palin is the best hope for the republican party now, the others who the MSM have been touting, Jindal, Romney, Pawlenty, Sanford, are far too limited in their appeal, and in the cases of Romney and Pawlenty, who are both RINO's, and we've gone that route already, and it lead to defeat. Keep up the good work.

  2. It seems more like George W Bush is the leader of the Democratic party, they use him as an excuse for everything they do.

  3. Their obsession with George Bush is leading them to continue where he picked off, a downward spiral. At least with Bush, I felt he was honestly doing his best. This gang, I fear, will do anything to enact their socialistic agenda. Never let a crisis go to waste, yup: we get it!