Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sarah Supporters Say:

When it was recently announced that Governor Palin was billed with an estimated half a million dollars worth of legal fees over alleged ethics violation, her detractors begin to celebrate. Why? Because their goal is simply to bring Governor Sarah Palin down, at any cost; whether it's valid or not; whether it's rational or irrational, and whether it bears merit, legal or not. As the saying goes, the rush to destroy someone is your own stumbling block.

How can the contrived pain inflicted upon another human being become a cause of celebration for others? Or, do they simply choose to believe their crusade noble?

The short answer is this: the politics of fear and hate is irrational, at best. It has become a page turning political bloodsport for anyone following Governor Palin's political headlines, since she graced the national scene on August 29th, 2008. That was the day she was introduced to the nation as John McCain's historical VP pick, the first woman on the Republican presidential ticket. This day also served as the day that the spirit of bipartisanship died between Governor Palin and fellow Democrats back home in Alaska. The earth moved, and climate change was definitely man made. The party whistle blew and everyone scrambled to follow orders.

Is noted in a major newspaper column, after Governor Palin's RNC speech, a female Democrat activist was quoted, "This woman is TROUBLE." So the smack Sarah Palin down drama continued, even following her home, to Alaska. And they've recruited some locals along the way.

Let me ask this, have you known any political figure to have suffered this degree of turmoil and vitriol from their opposition? In the last several months following the election, Governor Palin is still warding off the attacks, one after another, they keep coming and growing ugly.

The Negative Sarah Palin Effect has taken a life of it's own, it is manifesting itself in drummed up ethics charges, protest against her wise decision not to accept earmarks, and pinning her down to pick between two pro-choice judges for the Alaska Supreme Court.

So far, ten ethics charges were filed, all alleging that Governor Palin has violated some ethical conduct while in the capacity of governor. Some of the charges have been investigated by Palin's attorney and dismissed, while others wait for their spotlight. And surely others keeping an eagle eye on the governor for any missteps; and the chance to pounce.

The most recent charge is from Democratic political activist, Linda Biegel, alleging Governor Palin violated yet another code of conduct by wearing a jacket with the logo and name of Arctic Cat, the company that sponsored Todd Palin in the Iron Dog race. Governor Palin was accused of being a "walking billboard."

Here's the specifics:

The complaint claims Governor Palin violated of AS39.52.120 of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, Misuse of official position:

(A) A public officer may not use, or attempt to use, an official position for personal gain, and may not intentionally secure or grant unwarranted benefits or treatment for any person;
(3) use state time, property, equipment or other facilities to benefit personal or financial interests

As a result of this latest headliner, Fox News host, Glenn Beck ended his show recently with this challenge: "Bring It On." Further, Team Sarah activists are already planning and strategizing ways to support Governor Palin. They have formed a group specifically for the purpose of supporting Sarah pay for the alleged ethics charges. The hardest part right now for them is waiting for the public announcement. In the meantime, the group's goal to put aside money for Sarah, when the fund is announced, we'll be locked and loaded.

The bottom line is this, everyone sees this as a political hit job against Governor Palin, whether you like her or not, we can all agree this type of frivilous attack is childish and a waste of taxpayers' hard earned dollars. Ironically, the more Governor Palin is attacked the more support she continues to get. There's always a backlash to the mean spirited politics of fear and hate.

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