Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Quick Rant!

Is integrity, honesty, and principle checked outside the steps of the White House before anyone enters? I understand that politics can be a dirty game, filled with power-grabbing, power-brokering, elitist ideologies, corrupt-power hungury-driven special interest politicians with goals, agendas, and all the above, for who--them!

Where does that leave us, the little people, the working class, moms and dads, who just want to earn an honest living and do the right thing?

If they have their way, the motley crew of Washington, it ain't gonna be much! I mean, who is going to support their habits, the lifestyle, the good deeds to the masses, a.k.a. entitlement? In their view, equality is this: everyone deserves to be equal, we all must pay for it, and those who are better of, they pick up the tab!

Welcome to the new American Dream...the irony is, no need to dream, just become a victim of circumstance, that alone is the reward! No need to earn, it shall be given unto thee! Who wins and benefits by all this?

I can imagine a nice welcome sign at the entrance of the White House: Welcome to the White House, please check your morals, values, integrity, character, and principles before you Enter! In Government We Trust! Oh, for a small fee, you can check it at the front desk if you are having a hard time letting it go at the door!

I must say there are the rare few in politics who were not politically groomed Chicago or DC style! Governor Bobby Jindal of LA and Sarah Palin of AK, have proven they are not of the political persuasion mentioned earlier; and as demonstrated by the current president and his peeps. So far, Palin and Jindal have proven that decision making is based on principle that serves the best interest of the people in their states. In other words, they have been leading models of what Public Servants ought to do, not mere rhetoric and White House razzle dazzle!

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