Saturday, March 14, 2009

WE THE PEOPLE: We Surround You!

Despite the stigma of Friday the 13th, this most recent one, (yesterday) was particularly memorable and uplifting. A friend of mine, Sonja, invited me to the Glenn Beck event, "We Surround You" that was taking place across our nation, even in some places across the world. Not knowing fully what was in store, I trusted that if it was a conservative gathering, it was going to be something of great value.

In the Seattle area, we gathered at McCoy, a restaurant located on the corner of 2nd and Washington, in the heart of one of the most liberal areas, Pioneer Square. Events such as nude bike riding and protesting in your birthday suit, with a little paint as accessory, is not at all uncommon. At least not to the conservative owner of the restaurant, a spunky Irish gal named, Chrsytal. Her sister, Jan, organized the event and about twenty conservatives gathered to eat and view the Glenn Beck show.

The show introduced the 912 principles (9 principles and 12 values), it is listed on the website: And, you can still get involved by looking for a "We Surround You" group in your local area. This project is sparking a flame of hope in the hearts and minds of Americans, bringing back to life the eternal beliefs and ideals of Freedom, Principle, and God as the ultimate heart and center of our purpose and being. If you don't think this project is catching on fire, good luck accessing the site, it's gone down a couple of times due to the overwhelming response.

The crux of the message is about community, and who we are as free individuals destined to live in the greatest country God has gifted to mankind. What is our responsibility and response to that gift? It challenges us to remember the rampant lackadaisical mentality before 9-11-01; and re-ignite the indomitable American spirit of the collective on 9-12-01. Then, we were blind to political affiliations and idealogies, Americans pulled together as one.

We recall that many faced unsurmountable challenges, and many more rose to the occasion by responding with even greater heroism at the cost of their own lives. They did not wait for the government to give the green light in order to act and save others. As a result, the change took place in America on 9-11 translated to the natural reaction of a people united on 9-12; and now we are being called to an even greater task, together. "We Surround You" is asking us to reaffirm our commitment and challenge ourselves and others to rise to the greatest challenge facing our generation: Our current government and its socialistic ideologies -- the antithesis of our existence as free people.

Our gathering was probably one of the smallest across the nation, places like Utah and Texas were jammed packed and overflowing, however, our humble beginning was an open window; a little fresh air is still fresh air. We all exchange emaill address to stay in touch and commit to future events. Further, the restaurant owner is very excited and willingly offered to host many more future conservative events. She even requested we bring any and all conservative-political material: postures, adverstisements and flyers to public display and hand out in her restaurant. Talk about taking a stand, this woman has her line drawn in the sand.

Already we have organized our group to attend the upcoming Tea Party (April 15th) and made tentative plans to host a viewing of Media Malpractice in her restaurant. It's about time we send out the message, as the majority of the people in this country, We Surround You! We will rejoin Glenn and the millions of Americans united in the spirit of "We the People" on September 12th to share and discuss how we fulfilled our commitment. Glenn is asking You to become the "We" for the people. Do you have a "We Surround You" story to share?

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