Monday, March 9, 2009

Smoke-screening us?

Can someone tell me why the media continues to talk about everything else other than the failing policies of this current administration?

We are supposed to be in the crisis of all crisis and the media is more interested in the marathon vetting of the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The latest rah-rah is the governor's decision to appoint a pro-choice judge, Morgan Christen, a board member of Planned Parenthood in the mid-1990s to the Alaska State Supreme Court.

The need to uncover the motive, agenda, advantage, positioning, and benefit of this decision on the governor's potential presidential bid for 2012 far outweighs the MSM public obligation to report what and how Obama's decisions has negatively effected our economy. Not to mention all the other important challenges that face many of us, like the president's serial attacks on the Culture of Life!

Now you tell me, which should be our national priority right now: understanding the facts and truth of what is impacting us at the national level or trying to figure out Governor Palin's political motives for the appointment.

Just last week the media was entangled in what could have been a "pay per view" record breaking match between President Obama and Rush Limbaugh. How and why the President of the United States of America gets into personal tit for tat with private citizens is beyond me.

Either these distracting and distorted headlines serve as a the prototype for this current administration modus operandi or it's simply smoke-screen for their real agenda. And that's what many of us would like to know. What is really going on with the Obama agenda to gut and remodel America?

As much as I love to follow Governor Palin's every move, I am sure she will agree with me that watching Obama's every move is probably in the country's best interest at this time! After all, Governor Palin has proven to many of us that her words match her actions, but Mr. President, we are still waiting!

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  1. Yeah the smoke-screen started when the liberal/socialist Barack Obama was chosen as the media-darling by the liberal MSM ,as their candidate of choice and he became in the words of our recent financial crisis , "too big to fail". I knew more about Sarah Palin in the two weeks after she was chosen,as John McCain's running mate, than I still know about Barack Obama and his stealth background. Like the independent film-maker, John Ziegler, (in his film Media-Malpractice) so aptly points out, this was a deception that will damage us as a democratic nation. And as you note in this blog the "smoke-screen" continues !!