Saturday, March 28, 2009

Take Sarah Palin Down...

In conjunction with the "Take Sarah Palin Down" movement, it is becoming more clear that several forces are at play; though with one common purpose: Destroy Sarah Palin.

The forces or Anti-Palin Axis are political, environmental, and ideological (extreme) pro-choice (individuals)and groups, with no tolerance for the Culture of Life to persist. All come together, united, and ready to attack, smear, and inundate Governor Palin with "whatever" they can unload from all sides. It's like clock-work, one after another, a charming new attack and frivolous allegations.

Why? It's complicated and yet simple. First, they do not like her political affiliation; Governor Palin is a strong committed conservative and ideologically opposite to their agenda. Second, Governor Palin is persistence in her beliefs and stance on the issues, naturally she must be broken.

Finally, Governor Palin is a strong voice and force of opposition. Her foe has seen and tasted what Governor Palin can do: she inspires people with the principles of God, family, and country. Not to say her opposition does not want that, they differ strongly in the how, why, and what.

Governor Palin's beliefs that Government should be limited and often times getting in the peoples' way opposes the belief in government is the Way. She wants the government to allow personal decisions of individuals and personal responsibility rather than legal mandates of moral decisions and a nanny state type government. It boils down to either power to the people or government as a centralize power.

Governor Palin trusts that Americans know best how to spend their hard earned dollars and make the best decisions impacting the lives of their children; like whether or not an underage teenager has the maturity to decide by herself to have an abortion. Thus Governor Palin stands firmly on the conviction that parental consent should be granted as a rule of law in the state of Alaska. I agree with the Governor that parents have the authority to guide their young daughters' moral decisions, not a remote government dictate. Afterall, who's there to pick up the pieces after the fact.

These and others issues have fueled the Take Sarah Palin down machine and they are on the prowl, almost kinda like aerial wolf hunting...their target is Palin. But, they forget that while the Target is Palin, they must take down the majority of Americans who are just as extreme and backward as the governor! Good Luck, when we are about to lose what is most dear and precious, that's when the real fight begin. It's On!


  1. Very good post. I'm working on something like this now for The Pink Flamingo.

    We need to begin fighting back - as a whole.

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. For a political novice you have hit the nail right on the "head". These "take Sarah Palin down" tactics are well-funded as well and as conservatives we need to stick together and do everything in our power to help our "lady from the North". Keep blogging!!

  3. There are millions of dollars being invested in this effort, but so far, they are getting little bang for their buck. The last Rasmussen poll at the end of January found that Gov. Palin's nationwide favorability rating went from 49 percent just after the election to 52 percent, with a large gain among independent voters. I also believe that this trend will continue as Gov. Palin starts appearing more and more in the lower 48, starting with her appearance at 2 events in Indiana in April. I believe more people are starting to see through the campaign to take her down. This means that the effort will only increase in hostility and nastiness.

    Right now, the best site for debunking all the attacks is Conservative for Sarah Palin

    This site updates throughout the day, and is run by some really dedicated people.

    There is also Team Sarah.

    Personally, I make as many donations to SarahPAC as I can. SarahPAC was set up so that Gov. Palin can use donated funds for her trips to events in the lower 48, and also to accumulate money to help finance campaigns of likeminded conservatives during the 2010 mid-term elections. Another personal side benefit to donating to SarahPAC is that it makes me feel better everytime I donate.