Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why I want Sarah to run for President in 2012

Obama is barely in office and we are already discussing the prospects for 2012. Is he doing such a wonderful job that already we are head hunting, screening, accepting applications, and maybe offering a signing bonus? If you disagree, just look at Wall Street, numbers don't lie, they confirm the reality of his job performance thus far. In other words, the market is giving him a thumbs down.

Here's the bright side, we have an opportunity to take change in the right direction, if what we are seeing is an indication of what is left to unfold in the Obama administration, then I don't want to wait until 2010 before getting involved; and having my voice heard in the process.

So, I am ready to boldly endorse Governor Sarah Palin as my top choice for the GOP nominee for the President's job in 2012!

I have good reasons for supporting Governor Sarah Palin when she runs for President in 2012. But first, I would like to begin with the three main objective reasons why I would not support her or ANY candidate. It's my how to pick a winner for president segment!

1. Gender--As a woman, I would never vote for a candidate because we share chromosomes. It's either she is qualified or not, period. Same apply to men, they are either experience and can do the job ethically or; they need to go.

2. Party affiliation--I have never been involved in politics, as a minority, my leanings has always been more in line with the Democrat's party ideal, helping the downtrodden, equality, etc. All noble ideals and worth fighting for, but party affiliation alone does not suffice.

3. Race--It's ideal to be able to relate and identify with a candidate on the basis of race/ethnicity but again, is that enough?

Given my three top reasons for political correctness, what is a girl to do?

To be continued...

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